TutorDesk seamlessly connects all your tutoring needs to deliver a professional experience for you, your tutors and your students and is suitable for small one tutor businesses to large multi-tutor businesses.

Getting Started
– Login
– Create Levels
– Create Classes
– Register Students
– Assign Students to Classes
– Share Messages/ Notices

Getting Started
– Login
– Lesson Plan
– Subject Room
– Sessions
– Virtual Class Room
– Notices
– Share Messages/ Notices

Getting Started
– Login
– Join the Virtual Classroom
– Assessment Submission
– Online Content with Lesson Plan
– Notices

Student Portal User Manual

Carryout all your learning activities through the Student Portal. Join sessions your tutor has created for you, follow your lesson plans, submit your assessments and keep in touch with your tutor through our inbuilt messaging feature.

Getting Started


Click on the Login button in the email that you have received.
We recommend using Google Chrome

You will be redirected to the Login page.

Use the given username and the default password in the invite mail to login to your class.

My Classroom


Once you are logged in you will be directed to your classroom where you can see the assigned class


You will be able to view and submit all the assessments that you have assigned. Click on the Assessments tab and select the relevant class from the drop down.

1. Online Assessments

Click on Open Assessment

1. Download the question paper by clicking on attachment.
2. Upload the answer script by selecting the file.
3. Click on the Submit button to complete the assessment.

2. Physical Assessments

To download the question paper, click on the Open Assessment. By clicking on the attachment, you will be able to download it.


By clicking on the Message tab, you can view all the received messages. You will receive these messages on the system as well as an email.

You can write to the tutor by clicking on the Write to Tutor button.

Write the message with a given subject and click on the Send button.


You will be able to view all the scheduled classes from Session tab.

Select the class from the drop down and click on the green colored camera icon to join the session.

Lesson Plan

By clicking on the subject, you will be redirected to the Lesson Plan or from the menu you will be able to go to Lesson Plan

Select the relevant class from the drop down and click on Continue.
You will be able to continue only if the tutor has shared the lesson with you.

Once you click on the Continue button you will be redirected to the lesson content. This is a default content.

  1. Lesson chapters
  2. Attachment for extra readings
  3. Assessments attached for the lesson
  4. Additional links
  5. Add comments

This is a video content.