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Getting Started
– Login
– Create Levels
– Create Classes
– Register Students
– Assign Students to Classes
– Share Messages/ Notices

Getting Started
– Login
– Lesson Plan
– Subject Room
– Sessions
– Virtual Class Room
– Notices
– Share Messages/ Notices

Getting Started
– Login
– Join the Virtual Classroom
– Assessment Submission
– Online Content with Lesson Plan
– Notices

Tutor Portal User Manual

Carryout all your learning activities through the Student Portal. Join sessions your tutor has created for you, follow your lesson plans, submit your assessments and keep in touch with your tutor through our inbuilt messaging feature.

Getting Started


1. Open a web browser on your computer. Google Chrome is preferred.

2. Go to and click on Sign In.

3. Click on Sign in with the Sign in with Google button or with the given username and the password.

Once you logged in you will be directed to the Subject Room as follows.

Main Menu of the teacher portal

Lesson Plan

Go to the main menu and select Lesson Plan.

Select the relevant grade and the subject. Then click on the + icon. You can create lesson plan structure by giving a name and an image.

Once it is created it will be viewed as this.

Once you opened the created lesson plan you will be able to add new chapters.

Click on the New Chapter, then the Add New Chapter pop up will be appeared. Give the relevant chapter name and a description.

Once the chapter is created you will be able to add lesson topics

You will be able to create new lesson in two different content types: Default and Video.

Default Content

In default content, you will be able to create your own lesson content including images, links and attachments.

Video Content

In video content, you will be able to create your own content including live streaming videos.

Subject Room

Let’s go through the subject room.

a. Student

There you will find all the students who are assigned for the class. If you are conducting more than one class, you can switch between classes by using the drop down.

b. Lesson Plan

To assign the lesson plan for a class click on the + button under the Lesson Plan tab.

Once the lesson plan is assigned for the class, you will be able to share the lesson topic to the students.

“Please note that unless the lesson topic is shared with students, they will not be able to view”

Default/ video content can be shared by clicking on the Share button.

These contents can be shared with the whole class at once or can be shared with selected students.

Video content can be shared with a validity period or without a validity period.

“If a video content is shared with a validity period,
the content will only be available for the students only in that period”

c. Assessments

Click on Assessments to create and publish assessments for students.

There are two types of assessments. They are Manual and Online Assessments

  • Manual– The students have to submit their answer scripts physically
  • Online – The students have to submit their answers online through the system

Unless you click on the Publish Assessment it will not be shared with the students but will be saved as a draft

To mark the assessments, go to Open Assessments and click on Student Work.

By clicking on file, the answer script will be downloaded and once it is marked you will be able to update marks for that answer script

d. Sessions

You will be able to schedule all your classes by using Sessions.

Select the relevant subject and click on the + button to create a session.

When you are scheduling the session, you will be able change the name, status, session type, date of the session, the start time and the end time. Once you click on the Submit button it will be shared to the students

Under the Session tab, you will be able to view all the scheduled session for a date range. By clicking on the camera icon, you will be able to start the virtual session.

Virtual Classroom

Once you clicked on the camera icon, you will be able to start the session.

1. Sharing Screen – You will be able to share your screen while in the session

2. Chat – It facilitates to have a common forum with students

3. Whiteboard – Turning ON the interactive whiteboard

e. Messages

Under messages all the shared messages with the class will be listed. You will also be able to view if there are any replies from the students for any of the message.

Share Messages/ Notices

You will be able to share email or system messages to the students through the system itself. Go to the Subject Room and select the required recipients and click on the Message button.

Once you have clicked on the Message button you will get below pop up. Enter the message subject and the subject body. Then click on the Send button.